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Selected Works

The Book Cover in the Weimar Republic

Part reference compendium, part vintage visual feast for the eyes, this very particular cultural history is at once a testament to an irretrievable period of promise and a celebration of the ambition, inventiveness, and beauty of the book.

The Dynamic Library

Home to over 25,000 volumes on art, architecture, design, and photography, the Sitterwerk’s art library began with the bequest of book collector and connoisseur Daniel Rohner (1948–2007).

The Secrets of Italy: People, Places, and Hidden Histories

Exploring his country's cities, history, and literature, cultural authority Corrado Augias elucidates its highs and lows: Michelangelo, but also the mafia; Pavarotti, but also Berlusconi; the debonair Milanese, but also the infamous captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship. This is Italy, admired and reviled, a country that has guarded its secrets and confounded outsiders. Now, as its paradoxes are more evident than ever, the author poses the puzzling questions: how did it get this way? How can this peninsula be simultaneously the home of geniuses and criminals, the cradle of beauty and the butt of jokes?